Mental Health Awareness Day

Mental health is a cause close to our hearts here at Glasseye. Poor mental health can affect anyone – male or female, young or old, from any background. Those in creative professions can be more predisposed to mental health issues than the baseline, and stress levels can certainly get high when campaign deadlines approach. We do our best to team up with mental health awareness groups like Aware, Jigsaw, and the IDI’s Mind Over Matter campaign, to help share a positive, inclusive message about mental health.

This World Mental Health Day, we’d love to highlight one campaign in particular – Aware’s latest video campaign promoting positive mental health. Among other positive messages, the campaign talks about resilience, which is defined as our ability to recover quickly from day to day difficulties. Resilience helps you to cope with challenges and bounce back from adversity. Mental health affects us all, and hopefully the video below will help encourage everyone to talk about it more openly.

Aware have helped highlight demonstrate there are many paths to good mental health. No matter who you are, where you are in life, you can find a way forward to a healthier and more resilient you. To anyone struggling, we hope that our work with Aware helps make your world a little brighter and more hopeful.

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