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Why Choose Glass Eye Productions?

We believe in value for money  
Our goal is to do good work and get paid a fair price for it.  Our pricing structures are clear and reasonable.  We’ll work with you to deliver the best possible end product for and at your budget.  

We’ve covered a lot of ground
Our highly qualified team have over 50 years cumulative experience in video production, corporate communications, broadcast and web media.  We work hard so you don’t have to!  

It’s all about you  
Our team is completely focussed on you!  We understand that you may need guidance and support throughout the video production process.  Our project management system provides effective support by working strictly to brief and deadline.    

We’re people people
We pride ourselves on having put together a team which can multi task, so as well as delivering the creative flair and technical know how, we’ll also communicate with you in a friendly, clear, non-techie way.

Small(er) is beautiful
We are, by design, smaller than many of our competitors.  We believe this makes us more approachable, flexible and responsive to your needs should goalposts, deadlines or budgets change.  

We’re nothing if not committed
If things change mid-project, as they often do, we’ll stay on track, keeping the end game in full sight.  We also understand that even when it’s all wrapped up, you might still have questions.  Our client relationship doesn’t end because the project has!

We don’t rest on our laurels 
We’re not about churning out the same old creative for every project .  Regardless of your project size, our personalised approach will deliver an end product specifically designed to achieve what you need it to acheive.  
We have all the tools – under one roof
At Glass Eye Productions we offer you  
  • full digital video production: a full broadcast crew and equipment, and a more cost effective compact web-video crew package
  • experience in creating content for the internet, understanding the need to be innovative about engaging online viewers, while staying on-message with content
  • added value with new media channels, distributing your content on channels like youtube, video blogs, podcasts etc. to reach a wider audience
  • access to a library of multimedia content and video footage, as well as an audio library meaning you don’t have to pay music title clearance fees
  • portable edit suites for when a fast response is required
  • bespoke or template graphics for video and for multimedia,  offering a way of updating content without incurring extra filming costs
  • a vast network of filming contacts; in the unlikely event we don't have it in-house, we'll know where to find it!  
We have an unofficial sales team
Our clients remain our most valuable sales resource.  Whatever we say about ourselves, our clients always say it better.  Please view our client testimonials or contact us if you wish to get a reference from a Glass Eye Productions client. 

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